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There should be more opinion content in Belarusian media


According to BelTA there should be more opinion content in Belarusian media, Pavel Yakubovich, editor-in-chief of SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper said in an interview with the Zvyazda newspaper.

Pavel Yakubovich believes that today the media should contain more opinion pieces, for instance, columns, think pieces, programs. In fact this content should be generated by interesting people regardless of whether their work is associated with journalism in its traditional meaning, the expert emphasized. He noted that in the battle between bloggers and professional journalists, the former have more opportunities: If writing is not your strongest point (which happens quite often), you can post more photos or videos. Pavel Yakubovich added that sometimes bloggers can see things that professional journalists overlook for some reason offbeat topics, new phenomena. Journalists who find themselves at the epicenter of an event sometimes forget that they are journalists and merge with the crowd of bystanders. Meanwhile, bloggers become part of the event, the expert explained. Pavel Yakubovich believes that blogging and internet in general should be studied separately since they have an immense impact, both positive and negative, on the development of individuals.

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