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Belarus' national weather service launches news bot on Telegram


According to BelTA Belarus' National Center for Hydrometeorology, Radioactive Pollution Control and Environmental Monitoring (Belgidromet) has launched an official news bot @BelgidrometBot on Telegram.

The Telegram bot is to publish up-to-date information on the meteorological and hydrological situation, and also unfavorable weather conditions online throughout the day. Three major sections are envisaged: Recommendations for Population, About Belgidromet, and Feedback. Is it safe to use a cell phone during a lightning storm? Is a car a safe place to hide from a lightning strike? How to prevent a frostbite and administer first aid? What to do if you are caught outside during a strong wind or hailstorm? What to do during a flood? These and other questions will be answered in the first section, Recommendations for Population. It offers helpful tips on what action is appropriate during extreme weather events in summer and winter. The second section, About Belgidromet, provides the contact details of the organization and information about its tariffs and services. The Feedback section gives the users an opportunity to contact the administration for questions regarding the development of the service. In the future, the national center plans to expand the number of services provided by @BelgidrometBot in the most important fields of Belgidromet's work.

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