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Belarusian geoinformation website now online


According to BelTA a geoinformation website has been launched in Belarus to share remote Earth sensing data, BelTA learned from the Belarusian aerial phototopography for agricultural purposes enterprise BelPSKhAGI.

The website went through acceptance tests before the New Year. The commission determined that all the modules are in good order, interact with each, and the security system is in compliance with data security requirements. The geoinformation website performs all the functions specified by the technical design specification.

Work to develop the website began in 2016. It went online in test mode in spring 2018. The website is now fully operational.

Since 2014 the BelPSKhAGI enterprise has collected imagery of a large part of the country in the visible range and the infrared range using an aerial sensor. This is super high-resolution data Ц from 5cm to 50cm Ц and represents seamless orthophoto mosaic, which can be accessed via the web interface.

The website can be used as a basic tool in a number of areas: regional planning and resource management, ecology and management of natural resources, regional economy, social technologies, business informatics, analysis of peculiarities of development of territories, and other ones. The resource can be used to improve the land registry, the system for registering and inventorying real estate, for creating topographic and navigation maps, as a spatial foundation for other registries and geoinformation systems, for information inquiries, and other purposes.

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