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Government procurement in Belarus to more vigorously switch to online operations


According to BelTA more and more government procurement procedures in Belarus will go online. Work will continue to make the procedures more transparent, BelTA learned from First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoi after a government conference hosted by the head of state on 14 January.

Dmitry Krutoi said: More attention will be paid to purchases from one sources since corruption manifestations were rampant in this sphere. Instructions have been given to digitize the entire process so that the expert community and mass media could use the relevant information resources to analyze procurement operations of various organizations and government bodies. The task has to be accomplished by the end of the year.

Participants of the conference hosted by the head of state discussed how the revised law on government procurement works. The revised law came into effect in July 2019. The document provides for creating an information and analysis system for managing government procurement operations. The system is working in test mode now. It will become fully operational in April.

Apart from information about basic parties to the process we will be able to produce analytics about specific deals. The purpose of the digitization campaign is to eliminate the human factor as much as possible and rule out possible corruption manifestations, Dmitry Krutoi explained.

The law also forbids changing terms of the contract in the course of its execution. According to Dmitry Krutoi, such things frequently happened in the past and drew the attention of prosecution and oversight agencies.

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