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Geostatistics website to disclose full data of latest population census in Belarus in 2021


According to BelTA a geostatistics website will go online in 2021 to offer all the data of the latest population census.

The official said: Today we cite the very first data: the population size, the ratio of men to women, figures in urban areas and rural ones. Data is still being processed. We will get results concerning social and demographic characteristics, employment matters by 1 September. We may possibly present them later on, because there are plans to arrange a seminar on the census under the aegis of the UNECE. On the whole, as agreed with the World Bank a geostatistics website will be launched to host full data concerning the population census of 2019.

Deputy Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee Zhanna Vasilevskaya added that the website will rely on geoinformation systems to offer detailed information even about the smallest territorial units. It will take time to develop the website. It will go online in 2021 at the earliest.

The 2019 population census data will become a new reference point for statistics records of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus. Data from civil registry offices will be received later on and used to compile annual and quarterly reports about the size of the population taking into account births and deaths. Data from the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Internal Affairs Ministry will be used as well. Apart from that, statistics submitted in 2019 will be revised taking into account census data (data collected in October, November, and December).

In addition, in line with international standards, all the data over the course of ten years will be recalculated. It is always done after a population census, Zhanna Vasilevskaya added. In other words, a comparative database to show dynamics between 2009 and 2019 will be created.

The population census took place in Belarus on 4-30 October 2019. Belarusians were given an opportunity to fill in census forms online, at stationary census stations, or even at workplaces (if the employer requested a mobile census station). Census takers started polling Belarusians in their homes on 21 October using tablets. About 650 stationary census stations were deployed during the census.

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