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Belarusian Sakrament announces the release of TTS Engine Symbian

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian company Sakrament which specializes in speech synthesis and recognition software has released Sakrament TTS Engine Symbian edition. This solution is the first Russian speech synthesis software for mobile devices based on OS Symbian.

Symbian OS is quickly becoming the industry standard for next-generation mobile devices. More than 6 mln. Symbian smartphones have been shipped worldwide, and by the end of 2004 the total number of data-enabled mobile phone models will exceed 20. Together with Windows CE and other mobile platforms, developing voice solutions for Symbian is one of the top priorities for Sakrament.

Sakrament company was founded in Minsk in 1994 and by now it has become one of the leading companies developing Russian speech synthesis and recognition software. Sakramennt company has released Sakrament TTS Engine for PC, PDA, Symbian platforms; Sakrament ASR Engine speech recognition system; and a unique Sakrament Personal Voice Master and many other sate of art products. Sakrament solutions are used by HP, Microsoft, IBM, Alcatel and other companies.

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