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Belarusian State Law "On information, informatization and information protection" adopted

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


BelaPAN agency has announced that House of Representatives of Belarusian Parliament adopted the law "On information, informatization and information protection".

According to Tatiana Safronenko, deputy head of Parliamentary commission of industry, energy complex,transport, communications and business, the new law regulates informational relations in the sphere of creation, search, receiving, storing, processing, dissemination and transmission of information, and also in the sphere of creation and usage of the informational technologies, informational systems and informational networks. The law also regulates information services provision, and stipulates measures for information protection.

The law in particular, defines legal status of subjects of information relations, procedures of information dissemination ,and of legal status of the information resources.

The law requires to define basic procedures for the state registration of information resources; for physical person's access to public information; for dissemination of information about governmental structures , and introduces new terms and their definitions (informational mediator, operator of the informational system, electronic announcement, protection of information, dissemination of information and etc.).

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